Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the girl who ate your flower

He came to her
Eyes toward the ground
And flower in hand
Speaking in muffled sound

A single rose he gave
To the captor of his heart
Face red with untarnished innocence
Then came the next part

She took the rose from him
And devoured it with a smile
This shocked  the little boy
Who stood stunned for a while

Then he ran away crying
Tears of first heart break
Which left the uncouth girl
To ponder her mistake

What wrong had she done?
A rose was offered as affection
And did she not fully accept it
Into herself in whole completion?

Thus his sudden flight
Seemed but a cruel taunt
To the saddened little girl
Whom loneliness continues to haunt

Monday, December 16, 2013

chapter one

A long long time ago
When the sun was still a twin
There sat a man upon a hill
Who breathed his love to the wind

He watched it float gently in the breeze
Across skies of dappled hue
But the god Macre observed from afar
And his jealousy silently grew

For love was a luxury
Reserved only for the immortal kind
How dare this puny mortal
Partake in a privilege of the divine

So down he sent a moth
Tiny fluttering snare
To snatch the man's love
And flew straight into the sun's glare

With his love gone
The man fell into dark despair
And in the place of his lost love
A black whole began to form there

He then tore it out of his soul
And tied it to an arrow
With mighty rage he drew
And let lose his all consuming sorrow

Aimed towards the twin suns
The mighty arrow flew
Unwavering and determined
Towards its burning target true

And in its furious journey
It sliced all existence into two
And thus born the Reflected World
But our story is far from through

For the arrow struck one half of the twins
And in instantaneously extinguished the sun
Plunging the Reflected World into permanent night
Yet still our story has just begun

Friday, November 29, 2013

for the love of George

Once there was a girl
Who fell in love with a boulder
The moment she laid eyes on it
She was love struck and more over

And so every where she went
She took the mineral with her
George the boulder, was perfect
Her tough and silent lover

Many a moments they shared
In beautiful silent perfection
But all changed when one romantic day
She decided to pop the question

On a rowboat the two sailed
Gently down a peaceful river
She swallowed hard and braced herself
Nerves shaking, she began to stutter

"Dearest love, you are the one.
I can love no other but you.
Will you marry me
and make me happiest true?"

She waited and waited and waited
But there never came a reply
Only sounds of birds chirping
And fishes swimming by

She got mad and threw poor George
OFF the boat and down it went
But still not a peep from the rock
As it made the long wet descent

Immediately after, she was wracked with regret
And soon jumped after her rocky lover
But she struggled with its terrible weight
And alas, they went to their watery doom together


Monday, November 25, 2013

pretty girls

Pretty girls, pretty girls,
Hair flowing in the wind
Painted are their dainty hands
and perfumed are their skin

Pretty girls, pretty girls
With ruby lips, soft and red
With limbs so slender and waists so small
It's as if they never eat at all

But I am not a pretty girl
My hair is matted down with sweat
And rough are my hands from work
With plenty of cuts and bruises at that

No perfume for me
Save the stink of hard labour
And my body made thick
By toiling through the hours

No no I am not a pretty girl
But I am a girl nonetheless
And behind this calloused hands
Is a dreamer in a dress

I am

What am I?
What am I but flesh and bone?
What am I but a whispering memory
When i am dead and gone?

What am I?
I am nothing but another of the same
No Queen am I, but a mere pawn
In this cold uncaring game

What am I?
Just another passerby in the streets
I am just another smile
Hiding bloody knives beneath white sheets

What am I?
I am a poet who has abandoned her rhymes
My pen bled dry and made dull
By complacence and Father Time.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

a gathering of friends

if ever you should find yourself lost
in a place abandoned by Light and Time
direct thy feet around and run!
for this is a place Shadow rules in its prime

but ever you fail this warning
a small house you'll find yonder there
which echoes with dark light and strange laughter
enter not, you'll find a worse fare

there my old friends gather and meet
and it never starts without me
because they know i will always return
so there they'll sit and wait expectantly

old friends cloaked in silver and blue
with inviting faces coos and call
with soft cold hands outstretched
ever old friends through the rise and fall

"come, sit, stay and never leave"
spoke dear Emptiness in his deep hollow voice
while Sorrow and Ache were quick to concur
guess i didn't really have a choice

so i sat between Bitterness and Dream
while sweet Calliope served tea; earl grey
and the longer i sat, the more i couldn't leave
perhaps...this time it's just better to stay

Monday, December 31, 2012

lost brother

i thought i saw your face
i thought i heard you call
i chased after your shadow
and prayed your name during the fall

you were the line that held me to the world
without you, i am slowly floating away
but Love, where are you now?
i would search eternity just to hear you say

"hold me...hold me once again
hold me till these bones break
and impale your bleeding heart
resurrect me with the very breaths you take"

and i would, i'd give all of earth and heaven
for you, o Light, o sweet brother
and i miss you, and i love you
a million times and over...